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5 Smile Flaws Easily Corrected With Veneers

Aug 29, 2023
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Is something keeping you from loving your smile? You’d be surprised how easily it can be fixed with veneers. If you’ve been dreaming of transforming your smile, here’s what you should know about this versatile dental treatment.

How often do you show your teeth when you smile? If you have a tooth problem holding back, veneers can give you something to smile about. 

Dental veneers use a strong and durable shell made from porcelain or quick-to-cure resin to improve your teeth. This simple approach means you can completely change a tooth's shape, size, and color — and it doesn’t require surgery or compromise your oral health.

Dr. Denis Mustedanagic uses state-of-the-art dental veneers at Me Dental Spa so our West Hollywood, California, patients can enjoy extraordinary results. 

Are veneers right for you? Here are five common dental problems that durable and natural-looking dental veneers can fix.

1. Deep and stubborn staining

Nothing beats professional teeth whitening for eliminating stubborn superficial stains. But some stains go a lot deeper — all the way to the center of the tooth. When those stains develop, they’re no match for professional teeth whitening. Fortunately, veneers can help.

Dr. Mustedanagic can custom-tint your veneers, ensuring they match your surrounding teeth. That means they can hide unsightly stains while blending seamlessly and naturally with the rest of your smile. 

As a result, veneers offer superb results for deep stains and discoloration in response to tooth disease, medication use, illness, or aging.

2. Odd or misshapen teeth

Everyone wishes they were born with perfectly shaped teeth. In reality, most of us have at least one tooth that is small, pointy, or just oddly shaped. 

Fortunately, veneers can fix the issue. Dr. Mustedanagic custom-designs veneers. This personalized approach means they come in the size and shape to conceal imperfections, giving you a more beautiful and confident smile. 

Veneers also create natural symmetry, so your smile looks perfect at every age. 

3. Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth

Troubled by a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth? This damage detracts from your smile and puts the health of the tooth at risk, too. 

Dr. Mustedanagic can conceal these problems with custom-tinted veneers, restoring the tooth’s appearance and strength. And, since veneers are fabricated from durable material and bonded in place with strong adhesives, you’ll have a smile solution that lasts.

4. Gaps or spaces between teeth

Do you have gaps or large spaces between your teeth? That causes more than your smile to suffer. These areas make it easier for food particles to get stuck, increasing your chances of decay-causing bacteria. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to gaps and hello to better oral health, Dr. Mustedanagic can use veneers to conceal those unattractive gaps. This approach leaves your smile beautiful, healthy, and protected.

5. Crooked or misaligned teeth

There’s no question that braces and aligners can reposition crooked teeth and improve a problematic bite. But do you really have to go through months of treatment and orthodontics? Not necessarily.

Since Dr. Mustedanagic applies veneers to the surfaces of your teeth, skilled placement and proper sizing can create the appearance of straighter and more aligned teeth — no braces or aligners are required. And the best part? It only takes a few visits.

Make your dream smile a reality

Dr. Mustedanagic can place veneers in 1-2 office visits, offering almost instantaneous results. Furthermore, veneers are easy to care for with brushing, flossing, and dental checkups, leaving you with a low-maintenance solution that can last years.

Ready to see how state-of-the-art veneers can help you get a more beautiful smile? Call Me Dental Spa at 213-442-1992 or use our online form to request an appointment in West Hollywood, California, today.